CubeSauna King Plus

Modern Sauna with panorama window and entrance hall
  • .SAUNA: 5,5 m2 / 2200 x 2500 mm
  • .Entrance Hall: 2,7 m2 / 1500 x 1800 mm
  • \Electric or wood heater
  • Glass door
omasauna / cubesauna

Choose Trim Level Suitable for Your Needs

Our saunas are made with high-quality materials and enhanced by smart design. We have not used insulation materials that prevent the evaporation of moisture and the air slots contribute to efficient drying. These are some of the factors that bring many extra years for the sauna. All saunas have been tested both in the cold of the North and in the warmth of the South. We never stop testing them, as we want to make sure that our products are of high quality and durable, always aiming at the best sauna experience.


  • Cabin paint, exterior (any colour)
  • Lighting, indoor (inc. backrests)
  • Bench, standard (alder)
  • Backrest, standard


  • Cabin paint, exterior (any colour)
  • Lighting, indoor (inc. backrests)
  • Lighting, outdoor
  • Lighting, sauna bench(es)
  • Bench, premium (aspen)
  • Backrest, premium
  • Waste water slot drain