Frequently Asked Questions

Read more about our Saunas and frequently asked questions from our clients

General Info

How Long Will My Sauna Last?

Our Saunas Are Built To Last For Decades.

Building materials, ventilation and breathable building structures ensures long-lasting usage.

What does the price consist of?

A fully functioning sauna according to trim level (Standard/Premium) inc. all materials. Unique design, Key Flag -product serticication  (Made in Finland/Designed in Finland)

How much omasauna saunas weights?

OmaSauna saunas weights are: Small 750kg, Small Plus 1000kg, Medium 1100kg and Medium Plus 1600kg. The bigger the heavier.

What materials are used in our saunas?

All our saunas are made of 100% Finnish wood. Saunas have spruce structure, and benches are made of aspen or alder.

Choosing right sauna for your needs

How to choose between wooden and electric heater?

OmaSauna recommends wooden heater. It creates a unique atmosphere and you’re already starting to feel relaxed when heating sauna.
If you don’t have availability to firewoods or it is forbidden to burn wood in your  city/community/etc. you should choose electric heater.

What are the differences between Standard and Premium model/interior?

Standard level is more affordable and it includes Cabin paint, exterior (any colour), Lighting, indoor (inc. backrests), Bench standard (alder), Backrest standard

Premium level has more and superior features which make it more valuable than standard model.
Premium features includes Cabin paint, exterior (any colour), Lighting indoor (inc. backrests), Lighting outdoor Lighting sauna bench(es), Bench premium (aspen), Backrest premium, Waste water slot drain

Ordering, delivery, warranty

How to order sauna from OmaSauna

Saunas are ordered from our dealers. Please, see the nearest dealer here.

Is it possible to order sauna as a ready-made?

It is possible if the height of sauna is under 2400mm. Considering that we can deliver special manufactured ready-made saunas as follows: OmaSauna Small, OmaSauna Small Plus, CubeSauna Medium and OmaSauna Medium.

How do you deliver OmaSauna saunas

Saunas are delivered as elements to be assembled in location or a whole ready-made sauna. We are using either sea or land  freight depending on the sauna model.

How long is guarantee (warranty?)

OmaSauna offers two years of material guarantee when assembled correctly. Heaters guarantee varies according to model.


How long it takes to mount the sauna?

Depending on the sauna model it only takes between 1-3 days.

What kind of foundation do you recommed?

We prefer straight level gravel foundation. 50mm concrete plate are assembled under each fulcrum and followed up a breeze-block on top of it. Exact assembly points are advised in assembly manual.

Can you change a door swing direction from right-hand door to left-hand door or vice versa?

When making a order mention the direction you want to door(s) open to.

Using Sauna

How to use a Sauna

There are no any strict etiquette how to use your own sauna, But here are some tips and quidelines you might consider.

Take a quick shower prior to using the sauna. In sauna you can use a bathing suit, towel or bathrope or go fully naked (as we here in Finland usually do). If you have guests it’s polite and recommend to ask their preffered “outfit”. Whether you’re nude or not,  it is recommend to use a small, thin towel (preferably linen) you can sit on. There are also disposable paper underlays in stores.

Desired temperature and humidity depends on how long you warm the heater and how you adjust ventilation shutters. By throwing water to the heater increases humidity and air feels more hot. If you want to stay in sauna but temperature is too high in upper seat you can also change your seat level – air is cooler in lower benches.

Usually you spend around 10-20 minutes in sauna, before cooling down. If you’re unexperienced start slowly (5-10 minutes per session). You can build up your tolerance for the heat over multiple visits. We also recommend drinking water to keep your body hydrated. You can repeat this as many times you want, even up to three hours. Cold shower or a plunge in cold water helps your body to cool down and also tolerate heat better. Or You can just warm up a bit in sauna by taking shorter visits and/or not throwing water to the heater.

IMPORTANT! Never let yourself fall asleep in a sauna.

How to wash-up in sauna

If you want to wash up in sauna you carry buckets of water to sauna. In Finland we usually have one big water bucket which we fill up when starting to heat sauna. That way the water has time to warm up a bit if needed.

How to channel used water out?

Standard Model

The water slot in a floor lets used water to drip out to the ground underneath and works as a ventilation channel to bring fresh air to sauna to ensure oxygen-rich steam.

Premium Model
In our Premium model floor is slightly slanted which drains used water to water slot drain. From there the water is channeled to 50mm sewer pipe connected to near by sewer or water filter. We recommend this if you’re planning to wash-up frequently in your sauna.