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In the world of busyness and constant hassle, it’s hard to leave the fast pace and slow things down. Our mission is to provide an authentic Finnish sauna experience in order to provide more balanced and healthier lives. We wish you pleasurable moments of freedom in Your OmaSauna!

Toni Rummukainen


OmaSauna Panorama Plus

our saunas are perfect for the

 Mind, Body and Soul


Leave the daily grind behind and start recharging your batteries in your OmaSauna: feel the relaxation as the heat improves circulation, reduces stress levels and induces a deeper sleep. Get your dose of digital detox and enjoy a moment of freedom! 


Get Together

The sauna can be your personal area of relaxation and freedom. However, it can just as easily be a good option for socializing with your family and friends as the environment is conducive to open, intimate and quiet conversation.

all you need to know to get your own sauna

The Details

OmaSauna – Sauna Kit

A sauna kit includes everything you need in order to enjoy your new sauna: a stove of your choice as well as the floor, walls, ceiling, glass windows and glass door, internal benches and foot rests.

Oxygen-Rich Steam

What makes our saunas stand out from the crowd? A constant circulation of air within the sauna guarantees enjoyable experience without feeling tired or dizzy.

Delivery & Installation

All our saunas are delivered ready to be used. Just sit back and enjoy and we will deliver your OmaSauna as fast as possible. 


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